There are many ways the wiki created in this class can be used in my CTE classroom.  First and foremost if anyone has career questions I can help them search for answer using this information and share it with the student.  In my 6th grade classroom which is keyboarding and basic word formatting we learn to format paragraphs. I can post a link to our class website of a  career cluster interest survey located in the wiki. Students can pick a career pathway of their interest and type a basic indented paragraph in Microsoft word using information they gathered from the survey and wiki.  Students in this class also learn about hanging indented paragraphs. I can the resource they used to gather the information to teach how to properly use the hanging indent format to cite the source used to prevent plagiarism.  In my 7th grade we learn how to type and format research reports. Students like 6th grade can be provide a link via our class website to career cluster information. Students can pick a career pathway and complete a research report answering a series of questions to be answered in each paragraph.  The wiki can also be used for students to prepare a presentation using PowerPoint about a career of their choice. My 8th grade completes an activity where students research all of the necessities they fill they will need to live an independent lifestyle. Students come up with a monthly budget and must search for a career that will provide enough monthly earnings to support the lifestyle they desire.  I can provide them with a link to career pathways with average earnings and education needed to reach that goal.

My fellow CTE colleagues and counselors can utilize my wiki to be provided with lesson plan examples that teach career explorations.  They can compare what other states are using with what is provided for them by our state. I can give them editing rights so they can add valuable material that can be used in the classroom and for teaching careers and pathways at our middle school.  These links can also be used to compare our programs with others and give us facts and information to provide administration when asking for additional resources. The effectiveness of our lessons and classrooms is directly affected by what resources we have to fall back on and this wiki provides valuable resources that counselors and teachers can be use.

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